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My interest in environmental sustainability is rooted in my upbringing in the American Southwest, an area of breathtaking natural beauty, rich in traditional and renewable energy resources but also especially vulnerable to human and natural environmental impacts.

I’ve worked in a range of capacities to support forward-thinking solutions that address environmental issues while also enhancing human well being. As an attorney with Kaplan Kirsch & Rockwell LLP I've worked to help implement public infrastructure projects that serve communities and promote sustainable and healthy lifestyles, such as the New York High Line, Denver Union Station, and the Atlanta BeltLine. I've also helped cities fight for healthy environments and climate resilience.

In Cape Town, I'm working with the PHA Food and Farming Campaign to produce an alternative vision for Cape Town's peri-urban agricultural land, one that promotes sustainable, local, small-scale agriculture in an environmentally sensitive manner. I've reported on water shortages in Cape Town and its impacts on food security and biodiversity.

I have also been involved in projects to hold multi-national corporations accountable for their climate change goals and to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for tribal communities in the United States. I have in-house legal experience with a leading US photovoltaic solar installation company, and have worked as an advocate and community organizer for a range of environmental causes. I hold a graduate-level certificate in energy from the University of Colorado's Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute.

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